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Italians don't drink (much) wine any more

Not only the French, the Italians too, Europe's second biggest wine producers, drink less and less wine. Whilst the world wide consumption has been stable at about 244-245 m hl, during the last years, the Italian consumption went down by a significant 17.5 % since 2006, reaching 22.6 after 27.3 m hl, a level only slighly higher that that of Germany with its 20 m hl. As far as the per-capita consumtion is concerned, the country lies far behind France (46.8 l per head and year) and, with its current 37.4 l approaches the level of love-hated Germany too.

Traditionally, Italians drink wine during their meals. This habit seems to be changing. (photo: E. Supp)

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Tuscany 2013

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Vines & wine - Italy

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Shades of grey

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Piedmont 2012

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Aldo Conterno, pioneer of modern Barolo, has died at the age of 80

Yesterday, at the age of 80, Aldo Conterno, one of the pioneers of modern Barolo, has died. Aldo was third generation of an old Monfortino wine dynasty but made his first professional experiences in California, where he had been sent to in the 1950ies to help his oncle set up a winery in the Napa Valley. The early dead of his uncle and a call to arms during the Korean War put a rapid end to these plans. At the end of the decade, Aldo returned to his native Piedmont where he worked with his brother Giovanni, a declared traditionalist and father of the world famous Barolo Monfortino. At the end of the 1960, though, the differences between the traditionalist and the modern thinking Aldo became unsurmountable and Aldo bought the Cascina Favot to found his own winery. In the following decades he created number of monuments of the Barolo winemaking: Cicala, Bussia Soprana, Colonello or Granbussia.

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Tuscany 2012

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Amarone, Ripasso & Co.

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Quintarelli - A legend says Ciao!

Italy mourns Giuseppe Quintarelli, the doyen and Grand Master of the Valpolicella area near Verona (Veneto), who died today at the age of 85. That, at least, is what I am just reading on the blog pages of Italian journalist Franco Ziliani. "Bepi", as Quintarelli was called by his friends, was a legendary producer of Amarone and Valpolicella wines. I myself met him the first time at the end of the 1980ies when tasting the Veronese wines for Italy's wine guide Gambero Rosso, and I will always remember my last visit at his estate roughly 10 years ago.

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Franciacorta: Moretti's best

No! The surname "little Champagne" certainly does not fit the Italian Franciacorta region. Mainly because its products are far too distinctive - just think of the Satén, a product which is made of Chardonnay and Pinot blanc only, with less sugar and lees added in the second fermentation and thus with lower pressure than the normal spumante. Bellavista's Premium sparkler Vittorio Moretti is no Satén but an Extra Brut with less than 3 g / l residual sugar. Yet it is a stand-alone product anyway.

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Sardinia's Gallura - End of slumber for Sleeping Beauty?

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No, we had not been invited to one of the legendary Bunga Bunga Parties of Italys Prime Minister Berlusconi, neither did the other passengers on our flight look as if they were regulars at George Clooney's or Roman Abramovich's homes or yachts. But our destination in fact was the Costa Smeralda, Italy's attractive tourist destination - some cynics say millionaires reserve - on the north eastern pinpoint of Sardinia, where "Berlusco" likes to spend his off-time. To be more precise: its hinterlands.

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Piedmont 2011 - Best of Barolo & Co.

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Tuscany 2011 - Superbe Wines in a Doomsday Setting

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Tuscany and Wine Journalists - Appeal to the Organizers

Dear organizers of the 2011 en primeur tastings of Chianti Classico, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Brunello di Montalcino,

We thank you for the invitation to participate in the tastings, from February 15 to 19, of the new releases of your wines. It is always a pleasure, for those of us who do not live in Tuscany, to return there from all parts of the world, and for those of us who do live there to attend these by now classic tastings.

We look forward to several tiring but rewarding days of tasting, days to which we undertake to devote our full commitment and professionalism. However, the number of samples to be tasted are many (even though, most regrettably, a growing number of important producers decline to submit their wines), and the time available for tasting is much reduced compared with previous years.

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Amarone 在争取其身份

大众化,从而结束了质量损失和马罗身份!但不超过一年,有12家企业在维罗纳瓦尔波利切拉斗争(原10)。 12个(阿莱格里尼,Begali,Brigaldara,玛斯阿格里科拉Musella,Nicolis,Speri特德斯奇Tenuta Sant'Antonio,托马西,文图里尼和Zenato)已与该地区的历史核心的标志,真正的马罗内,最好的地点,将其生产的传统方式,以保护和推广.

Verona, 首都地区的瓦尔波利切拉, 这里是生产为 Amarone.

近几十年来,一度非常小的地区,可从葡萄马罗内压扩展到越来越多的土地,而不是传统的,冗长的干燥,水也与现代空气调节系统在任何时候撤回倍。然而2008年至2009年上升至6.75 Amarone 销售 900万瓶,销售额下降了16%,同一时期 - 一个前所未有的价值下降.
事实是,在过去十年马罗内已经失去了传统风味特色多(和风味缺陷),并成为一个现代化的葡萄酒在“国际风格”。似乎很奇怪,但是,这个新组织的最佳生产者 Amarone,Dalforno和Quintarelli二,不属于该协会的其他高级生产者大量在一起。是否仍是“dell'Amarone Famiglie德Arte”的问题在该行为可能最终只是一个善意的营销手法.

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Angelo Gaja: 关于国际和意大利的农业危机


消费者,意味着对危机的购买力损失,降低了其相应的预期和消费. 他把今天的产品,它认为“足够好又便宜”,“优秀”之前。这意味着,中层和上层部分,特别是产品价格从危机中受到影响. 它的好处,但是,有伪造. 产品的意大利血统,这是从其他国家实际上,显然已经赢得了在意大利和国外的市场份额.



- 提供更高品质:但是,随着葡萄酒,橄榄油,干酪....质量从来没有比现在更高

- 产品有最好的的价格/提供资金:但现在,即使是两欧元,提供了相当不错的葡萄酒.

Angelo Gaja (照片: E. Supp)

- 添加到生产者和农产品销售市场:这是目前只是治标不治本了。首先,生产者将不得不再次被说服,作为企业家,使市场真的是,并教导消费者,农产品是季节性的产品.

- 简化分销渠道:首先,生产者都必须重新学习到他们的产品结构统一起来.

- 做更多的市场:会有太多的生产实际上无自豪地做营销。她的原则是谨慎,并认为它是不明确的只有一个类型销售技巧.

- 没有强制性蒸馏:不,应该取消这项禁令。相反,使用适当的标签规定应更责任意识农民和更大的能力,以找出有效的产品和选择受教育的消费者.

- 需求生成:虽然生产商已经在意大利本身已经在手里,都增加了公共当局努力为出口市场的必要.

- 与激情出口运行:绝对真实,但是这也应该是鼓励创业精神.

- 意大利品牌保护和国外打假斗争:这是可以做到的,需要得到加强.

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Italy: Amarone fights for its identity

Stop mass production and the resulting loss of quality and identity of the Amarone! This is the motto which 12 family wineries of the Valpolicella area near Verona in Italy, the "Famiglie dell'Amarone d'Arte", have started fighting for, more than a year ago. The 12 winemakers (Allegrini, Begali, Brigaldara, Masi Agricola, Musella, Nicolis, Speri, Tedeschi, Tenuta Sant'Antonio, Tommasi, Venturini and Zenato) have decided to protect and promote the real, the true Amarone, which comes from the best vineyards in the historic production zone and is produced according to traditional rules.

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Friuli in red and white

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Lagrein from South Tirol

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Kretzer, a light, clear rosé wine, was what South Tirolian winemakers made from the grapes of their indigenous variety Lagrein, in the old times. Today, the vast majority of these varietal wines made in Italy's northernmost province shows dark, nearly impenetrable colour, and no one would dare to call them "light" any more. Firm structures prevail, and some of the wines seem so highly extracted that their slightly rustic characters is amplified by a clearly tasteable bitterness.

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