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ENO WorldWine is the oldest and one of the most comprehensive German web publications about wine. Week after week, month after month we have been reporting, for the past 12 years, news from the wine world, year after year we have been tasting thousands of wines, we continuously improve our wine-and-cooking-encyclopedia which is the most ample on the German web, we update our databases which already comprise more than 40,000 tasting notes and data from 9,800 wineries all over the world. In this changing world of wine media, ENO WorldWine with its WorldWine Blog has become one of the most important sources for wine information, dedicated to wine lovers and professionals, and one of the most influential opinion leaders in the German speaking world.

The result of all this work is delivered free of charge to our readers and, in contrast to the printed wine magazines, our direct competitors, we do not even have the possibility of re-financing our work to a reasonable extent through ads, as the entire wine industry seems very little open-minded towards the new media and its advertising tools.

ENO WorldWine needs your donation

All this obviously is not to be taken for granted, as we too have to cover our expenses and want to make a living out of our work. This is why we need your support: Help us to maintain ENO WorldWine as informative, comprehensive and interesting, to continue writing new background stories and portraits, to taste even more wines and to offer further services to our readers.

Please consider making a donation to ENO WorldWine. Any amount above a minimum of 20,- EUR (just to be sure that after paying administration and taxis, a small amount will be left for us) is welcome. To maintain our independency we have also limited the donations to a maximum of 250,- EUR at a time.

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Please make your remittance out to Dr. Eckhard Supp at Hamburger Sparkasse, account no. 1234439949, IBAN DE77 2005 0550 1234 4399 49, SWIFT-BIC HASPDEHH200, keyword: donation to ENO WorldWine.

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Thank you very much for your generous support. We hope that you will continue to enjoy ENO WorldWine and our WorldWine Blog in the future.

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