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Piedmont 2012

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After two years in which ENO WorldWine had not been invited to participate in the annual "anteprima" in Piedmont - we had to have the samples sent to Hamburg - this May we finally were able again to attend the tastings in Alba. On the table, nearly 500 samples, fruit of two not really easy vintages: 2008 for the Barolo, 2009 for Barbaresco and Roero. Both showed unusually overripe aroma, comparatively little finesse and typicity. Yet, the overall picture was not completely negative: Barolo came up with an average rating which was higher than that of the 2005 and 2006 vintages, although markedly lower than 2004 and 2007. In the case of Barbaresco 2009, of the last half dozen vintages only the 2007 had been notably better.

Apart from these vintages we were able to participate in a certain number of vertical tastings, and in an additional tasting which we organized, once back in Hamburg, the producers were able to present their Barbera wines as well. By the way, the more we tasted Nebbiolos in the past years, the less it seemed to make sense to us that many producers still bottle Reserva wines some time after their normal vintage bottlings. Barolo Riserva, if we look at the average ratings since the start of our database, back in the late 1980ies, has fared markedly below the normal vintage qualities, while Barbaresco Riserva came out a bit better. Especially in the case of Barolo it looks like if many producers of wine with harsh, dry Tannins, simply hope to smoothen them, leaving the wine some longer time in the cask. An illussion, I would say, as those tannins should be avoid right from the beginning through adequate labour in the vineyard and the cellar. The consumer, who generally has to pay much more for these bottles, can only be advised not to buy them at all.

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ENO WorldWine's 22 top scorers

*****Mauro Veglio (La Morra) - Barolo Vigneto Rocche 2007
***** +F.lli Oddero (La Morra) - Barolo Rocche di Castiglione 2008
***** +F.lli Seghesio (Monforte D'Alba) - Barolo Vigna La Villa 2008
***** +Cisa Asinari dei Marchesi di Grésy ss. (Barbaresco) - Barbaresco Gaiun Martinenga 2008
*****Pier Vini (Treiso) - Barbaresco Rio Sordo 2009
*****Roberto Sarotto (Neviglie) - Barbaresco Gaia Principe 2007 Riserva
*****Cascina Nuova-Elio Altare (La Morra) - Langhe Vigna Arborina 2009
*****Armando Parusso-F.lli Parusso (Monforte D'Alba) - Barolo Mariondino 2008
*****Mauro Veglio (La Morra) - Barolo Vigneto Rocche 2008
*****Bricco Boschis-F.lli Cavallotto (Castiglione Falletto) - Barolo Bricco Boschis 2008
*****Ceretto Aziende Vitivinicole Srl (Alba) - Barolo Bricco Rocche Bricco Rocche 2005
*****Monfalletto di Cordero di Montezemolo (La Morra) - Barolo Enrico VI 2008
*****E. Pira & figli Sas (Barolo) - Barolo Cannubi 2007
*****E. Pira & figli Sas (Barolo) - Barolo Cannubi 2005
*****E. Pira & figli Sas (Barolo) - Barolo Cannubi 2001
*****Mauro Veglio (La Morra) - Barolo Vigneto Rocche 2008
*****Mauro Veglio (La Morra) - Barolo Vigneto Rocche 2005
*****Amalia Cascina in Langa S.r.l. (Monforte d'Alba) - Barolo 2008
*****Paolo Scavino (Castiglione Falletto) - Barolo Bric del Fiasc 2008 Riserva
*****Vietti (Castiglione Falletto) - Barolo Lazzarito 2009
*****Luciano Sandrone (Barolo) - Barolo Le Vigne 2008
*****Giovanni Corino (La Morra) - Barolo Vigna Giachini 2008


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