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Piedmont 2011 - Best of Barolo & Co.

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It was a real feast for the senses, this tasting which I shouldn't even have experienced, if the organizers of the annual Piedmonte tasting event had had their way. Imagine, that I myself had instigated this event some 20 years ago, but this time, I had not been invited. Was it because I had participated too often or because I had stepped on someones toes or committed any other sort of criminal offence ... ?

I therefore had to ask for the sampes to be sent to Hamburg, but it was worth the effort, in particular as far as the 2007 vintage of Barolo is concerned: a vintage of a perfection and regularity which I have seldom seen before ... Was the classical 1989 as great as this one? The opulent 1990? Certainly the 1999 and perhaps even the 2001. But they all had brought forth some not very regular wines aside the superb ones. This 2007 however did not only show an incredible aromatic richness and a perfect balance of fruit, juice and tannic structure but also an ammazing regularity representing some 25 or 30 years of experience in quality wine making in Piedmont.

Cannubi, the most famous vineyards of the village of Barolo, delivered a good share of the best wines in 2007 (above) - Elio and Lucia Altare have shaped the profile of modern Barolo during the last 30 years (Fotos: E. Supp)

The excellence of our tasting results did not even suffer from the fact that I had not yet had the opportunity to taste the wines of some of the Piedmontese stars - Gaja, Bruno Giacosa, Rivetti or Roberto Voerzio, to mention just some - and that some parcels, although announced, did not make their way to Hamburg in time (we will add the results of those wines as soon as possible).

So bright was the shine of Barolo this year that the excellent Barberas nearly disappeared in their light - although eight of them came up among the best 30 wines of our tastings. Even harder was the battle for the rather classical and austere Barbarescos 2008, an appellation which suffered much more from the absence of some of the big names than Barolo did.

Three dream wines and two "on the hop" are a result which we have not been able to present to you for quite a long time anyway. Enjoy reading the report ... or better, order the best wines for your cellar asap!

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ENO WorldWine's 30 top scorers

*****Mauro Veglio (La Morra) - Barolo Vigneto Rocche 2007
*****Cascina Nuova-Elio Altare (La Morra) - Barolo Brunate 2007
*****Luigi Einaudi Srl (Dogliani) - Barolo Costa Grimaldi 2007
***** +Armando Parusso-F.lli Parusso (Monforte D'Alba) - Barolo Bussia Speciale 2007
***** +Luciano Sandrone (Barolo) - Barolo Le Vigne 2007
*****Cascina Nuova-Elio Altare (La Morra) - Langhe Vigna Larigi 2008
*****Domenico Clerico (Monforte D'Alba) - Barbera d'Alba Tre Vigne 2009
*****Mauro Veglio (La Morra) - Barolo Castelletto 2007
*****Azelia-Luigi Scavino (Castiglione Falletto) - Barolo Bricco Fiasco 2007
*****Prunotto Srl (Alba) - Barbera d'Asti Costamiole 2007
*****Braida di Giacomo Bologna Srl (Rocchetta Tanaro) - Barbera d'Asti Ai Suma 2007
*****Elio Grasso (Monforte D'Alba) - Barbera d'Alba Vigna Martina 2008
*****Armando Parusso-F.lli Parusso (Monforte D'Alba) - Barolo Coste Mosconi 2007
*****F.lli Revello (La Morra) - Barolo Vigna Gattera 2007
*****Poderi Colla S.s. (Alba) - Barolo Dardi Le Rose Bussia 2007
*****Armando Parusso-F.lli Parusso (Monforte D'Alba) - Barolo Mariondino 2007
*****G. Damilano & figli (Barolo) - Barolo Cannubi 2007
*****Mauro Veglio (La Morra) - Barolo Vigneto Gattera 2007
*****Giovanni Corino (La Morra) - Barolo Vecchie Vigne 2006
*****Pio Cesare Srl (Alba) - Barolo Ornato 2007
*****Monfalletto-Cordero di Montezemolo (La Morra) - Barolo Bricco Gattera 2007
*****Giovanni Corino (La Morra) - Barolo Vigna Giachini 2007
*****Michele Chiarlo Srl (Calamandrana) - Barbera d'Asti La Court 2007
*****Prunotto Srl (Alba) - Barbaresco 2008
*****Pio Cesare Srl (Alba) - Barbaresco Il Bricco 2007
*****Monfalletto-Cordero di Montezemolo (La Morra) - Barbera d'Alba Vigna Funtanì 2008
*****Armando Parusso-F.lli Parusso (Monforte D'Alba) - Barolo Bussia 2007
*****Elio Grasso (Monforte D'Alba) - Barolo Ginestra Vigna Casa Matè 2007
*****Elio Grasso (Monforte D'Alba) - Barolo Gavarini Vigna Chiniera 2007
*****Poderi Colla S.s. (Alba) - Barbaresco Roncaglie 2008

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