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Italians don't drink (much) wine any more

Not only the French, the Italians too, Europe's second biggest wine producers, drink less and less wine. Whilst the world wide consumption has been stable at about 244-245 m hl, during the last years, the Italian consumption went down by a significant 17.5 % since 2006, reaching 22.6 after 27.3 m hl, a level only slighly higher that that of Germany with its 20 m hl. As far as the per-capita consumtion is concerned, the country lies far behind France (46.8 l per head and year) and, with its current 37.4 l approaches the level of love-hated Germany too.

Traditionally, Italians drink wine during their meals. This habit seems to be changing. (photo: E. Supp)

In a world wide perspective the biggest consumer countries remain those of the recent past: France (30.3 m hl) leads the pack followed by the US (29.0), Italy (22.6) and Germany (20.0). China, the UK, Argentina, Spain, Russia and Australia are completing the list of the world's top 10 markets.

Back to Italy: During 2012, 66.6 % of Italians had at least one alcoholic against 70.2 % 10 years earlier. The number of those who had at least one drink per day went down by 24.6 %, with women reducing their intake considerably faster than men. At the same time the number of those who non only drank during meals but also without eating, rose from 23.1 to 26.9 %, the number of occasional drinkers from 35.8 to 42.2 %. Looks like if the status of wine was very fast moving from nourishment to enjoyment.

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