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German wine business languishes

Unlike Austria, the US or France, the German wine business has not yet surmounted the recent economic crisis. According to official figures, recently communicated by the German Wine Institute, German consumers have spent about 2.7 % less for wine in 2010 than they did the year before. As the overall wine consumption shrank by only 0.7 % in the same period, this means in effect that the average price of the bottle went sensibly down.

Especially German wines suffered from this trend and lost 5 % in volume and 5.7 % in value. Foreign suppliers instead won consistent market shares, with Spain adding two percentage points, France losing one and Italy remaining stable.

Exports too suffered from the crisis (we reported), and this is not a recent or new phenomenon, but goes back to 1997, as can easily be seen on the graphs published by the Association of German Wine Exporters on their website. This weakness of exports seems to be due to deficiencies of the German wine marketing, because nearly all other wine producing countries showed, as is evidenced in the latest quarterly report of Dutch Rabobank, better export numbers in 2010 than they did in 2009. In Germany things evolved the other way round.

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