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German Sauvignon blanc? Not many years ago, the issue wouldn't have raised much interest, and a Sauvignon tasting would have been comfortably mastered in a single morning session.

The recent Sauvignon-blanc-contest, organized by Hamburg based wine journalist Mario Scheuermann, has shown a completely different picture as for the number of contenders and for the quality of the wines presented.

As a member of the jury I was sincerely surprised by the results of the tastings, and five times five stars in our own ratings was really not what I had expected. This outcome is the proof of the fact that there really is enormous potential for the variety in Germany.

In fact, if Sauvignon blanc was long neglegted or misunderstood by German wine growers, this was probably not so much due to natural but more to historical reasons - the reverse side of the medal which saw the German star variety, Riesling, being prohibitied in all of France beyond the Vosges mountaings. To understand this historical heritage at least to some extent you have to be aware of the fact that the French considered Riesling for a very long time as a (minor) subvariety of Sauvignon blanc.

Our ratings quite obviously differ slightly from the jury's average, but there was absolute unanimity as for the winner of the contest and even the official second and third placed came in among the five or six best wines of our own ratings.

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The wines

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*****Weingut Prinz - 65375 Oestrich-Winkel, Rheingau Sauvignon blanc 2009
*****Weingut Friedrich Zimmerle - 71404 Korb, Württemberg Sauvignon blanc Astrum *** 2009
*****Weingut & Destillerie Weedenbornhof - 55234 Monzernheim, Rheinhessen Sauvignon blanc Terra rossa 2009
*****?Weingut Braunewell - 55270 Essenheim, Rheinhessen Sauvignon blanc 2009
*****?Weingut Hornbergerhof - 55234 Framersheim, Framersheimer Zechberg Sauvignon blanc 2009
****+Wein- und Sekthaus Aloisiushof - 67487 Sankt Martin, Pfalz Sauvignon blanc Element 2009
****Weingut Weik - 67435 Neustadt-Mussbach, Gimmeldinger Meerspinne Sauvigon blanc 2009
****Weingut Felshof - A.& K.Wenninger - 97286 Sommerhausen, Sommerhäuser Steinbach Sauvignon blanc 2009
****Weingut Gehrig - 67256 Weisenheim am Sand, Pfalz Sauvignon blanc 2009
**** Pfaffenweiler Weinhaus - 79292 Pfaffenweiler Im Breisgau, Bannstein Sauvignon blanc 2009
****Weingut Gerhard Aldinger - 70734 Fellbach, Württemberg Sauvignon blanc *** 2009
****Weingut Karl H. Johner - 79235 Vogstburg-Bischoffingen, Baden Sauvignon blanc 2009
****Weingut Schloss Ortenberg - 77799 Ortenberg, Baden Blanc et gris 2009
***+Weingut Schloss Ortenberg - 77799 Ortenberg, Baden Sauvignon blanc 2009
***+Weingut & Destillerie Weedenbornhof - 55234 Monzernheim, Rheinhessen Sauvignon blanc CS 2009
***+Weinbau R. & M. Aufricht - 88709 Meersburg, Meersburger Sängerhalde Sauvignon blanc 2009
***Weingut Lichti - 67229 Laumersheim, Laumersheimer Steinbuckel Sauvignon blanc 2009
***Weingut Fritz Wassmer - 79189 Bad Krozingen, Baden Sauvignon blanc R 2009


Especially from the Pfalz!!!

Especially from the Pfalz!!!

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