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China's wine market booms - dominated by a few

China's wine trade offers, if you trust a recently published analysis of, a picture similar to that of the US trade. At least as far as its structure is concerned. In the USA, trade notwithstanding thousands of different labels coming apparently from about 1.000 different producers, about half the retail offer can be traced back to just three giant groups: Gallo, Constellation, and the Wine Group. In China, this the verdict of, the concentration is even stronger. About 60 % of the entire retail market is dominated by only three names: Chang Yu, Great Wall and Dynasty. In certain local markets the domination seems even stronger. Thus, Dynasty alone is said to control about 44 % of the market in Shanghai.

In total, the Chinese wine industry continues to grow. In 2011 its output summed up to about 11.6 m hl, a growth of 6,3 % compared to the previous year, while the total turnaround was even up by about 21 %. In a recent study Wine Intelligence stated that the overall wine market has grown by 55 % annually over the last years. In spite of this development many observers remain sceptical as for the future and accessibility of the Chinese market. They state that it remains difficult and costly to really get to know the market - taste, habits, and wine knowledge among consumers - and that wine has not yet become a real mainstream beverage. Growth still seems to be linked to seasonal parameters as well as to social minorities such as junger males who are easily influenceable by fashion phenomenons.

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